Links Round-Up

Georgio MacFarland expounds on the emerging “Space Bird Robot Animal” subgenre.

A new internet flame war over whether SF is better than F, and if poetry is better than both.

FANtasticy reviews book twelve of the Dracgtorne trilogy.

Sally Buckforth releases her 2008 online novel Starsmackers as a free PDF download.

Sci Fi Wire interviews a small pebble they found outside their offices and speculates whether it might be a singularity.


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    As a multi-headed and impressively befanged beast, New Weird kicks both SF & F’s arses, and dismisses Poetry with a cry of “apples and oranges, my dear! Apples and oranges!”

    (Now, if I could only make that appear as a disguised hyperlink to my site… Well, far be it for me to profit from controversy, but a tricked reader is a reader nonetheless)

    The Space-Bird-Robot-Animal thing sounds intriguing by the way: does a Tachyon anthology beckon? I think I’m more interested in it as a lifestyle than a literary movement though – off to the hardware store for a welding torch and a sack of feathers!

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    Prime Books announces Space Bird Robot Animal: The Best of the Year.

    Nick Mamatas and Matt Cheney form wrestling tag team, offer to settle argument in the ring. No challengers. starts a chapter-by-chapter reread of the Dracgtorne trilogy to date, in preparation for the immanent thirteenth volume.

    Starsmackers picked up by PublishAmerica in what Ms. Buckforth describes as “a very nice deal.” quotes pebble interview out of context, posts pebble fetish fashion photo shoot.

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    You guys are way behind.

    I wondered, as I was writing my third opera this morning (about macroeconomics, sung in Welsh by an all-zombie cast) if I’d started to repeat myself. New Weird, Old Weird, Normal Weird, fiction, criticism, trousers… all these things are old, tired concepts. As the great philosopher Joe Sherry once said: “The Minnesota State Fair put them on a stick and sold them off piece by piece a couple years back.”

    Get with the future, people. The art bus is nearly here. Will YOU be on it? Or will you be UNDER it???!?


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    Art bus? More like the short bus!

    I intend to hijack this ‘art-bus’ and crash it straight into Space Opera Plaza if my demands are not met. These include an Amazon gift-card with at least seven zereos on it, an end to the ghettoisation of Sci-Fi & Fantasy in the press and literary world (LET MY PEOPLE GO, PHAROAH) and a new season of Twin Peaks that disregards large swathes of the second as a horrible dream Andy had after eating too much cheese. The bus doesn’t stop til I’ve seen it all the way through – Keanu can bite me.

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    I used to live next to Space Opera Plaza, but I got sick of having to spend three years crossing it every time I wanted to go buy a chocolate bar. It’s nearly as bad as Big Fat Fantasy Promenade.

    Now I live on Twitter Street. Is Grt.

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