Philosophical Issues


I almost bought the above book today, but instead bought the two books below. No books about or by Francis Bacon in the B&N, alas. (Which about seems to match my blog readers interest in him, alas.)


  1. says

    There’s something almost karmic about those two titles beside each other. Bullshit before the truth? As for Bacon, I’m just waiting until you cover his more famous pseudonym ;)

  2. Matthew Dyer says

    I’ve heard good things, but I also remember reading an article by Frankfurt on determinism and freewill in which he dropped the ball at the end of his argument pretty badly. No complaints about his epistemology though.

  3. says

    At first I thought you told Google to call the library, and it did, and that blew my mind.

    Then I realized that you actually called the library, and my mind became unblown.
    I’ll get back to work…
    If you ask my opinion about this topic I really like. Thank you for sharing your friends. Hope to see you another day.