Booklife Now: Cool Alterna Comics, Richard Morgan, Stone Rabbit, and More

(A favorite new cover: just another day at the office with my needle-fanged maggot-parasite.)

A slow week as publicists everywhere uncurl from their cryogenic cyborg slumber in sensory deprivation tanks and slowly take up again once more their ancestral positions influencing the minds of gatekeepers across the multiverse. Processing new permutations of press release boilerplate at the rate of a billion bytes a second. Sixth sense straining to discern through the ether the presence of new reviewers, pink and naked under that merciless, predatory gaze, and to make out, too, the dark husks of reviewers gone belly up, forwarding address unknown, once more escaping the Life into life… (Gawd, I’ve got to start another piece of fiction soon.)

Anyway, here’s some Morgan, some great new stuff from Alterna Comics, an outfit I hadn’t heard of before (I’ll be reviewing some of this for Amazon), and a new fixture: a classic book cover to punctuate the post with an exclamation mark rather than a period.


  1. JesseFord says

    Dammnit, where did you get those older Angela Carters? I just started reading her work after I found an early 80’s qp edition of Saints & Strangers, but other than that I only manage to find the newer editions, with the art I kind-of don’t like.