Booklife Now: Some Stuff in My House

I think for now the book cover postings are going to be on an irregular schedule, while I’m working on deadlines. So here’s some stuff in my house for your review, mostly new books received but then a few overburdened shelves of less current material.


  1. Alex says

    You know, there are days when I truly, utterly hate you.

    What’s the title of Dan Simmons book?

  2. jeff vandermeer says

    We cull the herd from time to time. But, yes, we fear becoming a bookmine.

    Drood is the Simmons.

  3. says

    Same sort of problem here, which doesn’t stop me from drooling over your hoard. Why is that?

    If you’re not going to get to Simmons’s Drood any time soon, feel free to send it on to me. Or, heck, anything you don’t feel you really want to have around. I’ll be happy to pay postage.

  4. says

    That’s an original 13 Clocks, isn’t it? Or at least an old one, not the NYRB reprint. Nice.

    And is that the Mullan How Novels Work? Any good?

  5. says

    James–yes, it’s a first edition 13 Clocks. Dustjacket is somewhat tattered, but otherwise in good condition. My parents bought it when I was a kid.

    How Novels Work is much more interesting than I thought it would be. Just started in on it.