Last Year’s Resolutions…How Well Did YOU Do?

END OF 2007…

END OF 2008…

While perusing the archives for an upcoming “top 10 vanderposts”, er, post, I came across my resolutions for 2008. Let’s see how well I did…

(1) Fewer squid. – I was successful in limiting my deployment of squid. They are mentioned only twice in Finch, and not at all in the stories I wrote or had published in 2008.

(2) Keel fewer peoples with me mind bullets. – Largely because I was in a secluded location working on Finch, or traveling, I did indeed kill fewer peoples with mind bullets.

(3) Suffer fools better, so as to continue to like myself. – I continue to struggle with this one.

(4) Learn French or conquer the world. – Neither occurred, although I think I am more likely to conquer the world than learn French as I remain dreadful with languages other than English.

(5) Stage “cat plays” renowned in the neighborhood for their rough truculence. – No progress was made on this resolution, except that I did attempt to teach our cats how to carry weapons.

(6) Further develop the “demented sea captain” look I’m currently sporting. – As evidenced by the photographs above, and this blog entry, I have done very well keeping this resolution.

(7) Learn to type with toes in case of horrible industrial accident. – I did not accomplish this goal.

(8) Write a story around the title “Buckwaldo Mudthumper Hocks a Hoe”. – I pondered writing this story, but wrote Finch instead.

(9) Fewer mushrooms. – As Finch will reveal, I failed hideously in this endeavor.

(10) More meerkats. – No meerkats appeared in my fiction or my life in 2008.

So, how about you? What were your resolutions? Did you keep any of them?


  1. says

    Congrats on the resolutions that you’ve kept! For #3 I immediately remembered th at idiot criticizing your 60 in 60.

    Using the time travel machine called archives, I seem to have made 4 resolutions last year, one of them involving money. On the positive side, I did succeed in reading one book a week (in my case I kinda overdid it I think) and updating the blog Mon – Fri.

  2. says

    I made a few resolutions on reviewing more (close to the 50 I aimed for), reading more variety of authors (esp. more women and people of color), and introducing my blog’s readers to personal favorites like Saramago (all mostly accomplished), but I failed in doing the interviews and in working to align my blog with the website where I used to help moderate.