Ambergris Music and Finch

Robert Devereux created Fungicide as an experimental accompaniment to City of Saints and Madmen, which made sense because of the many different post-modern renovations and experiments in the text. (It also includes a reading of “The Exchange” by yours truly.) The cover art is by Hawk Alfredson, whose work was an influence on me while writing Shriek. The interior booklet contains several pieces by Alfredson, as well as Devereux’s own written riff on Ambergris. You can check out samples here.

For Shriek: An Afterword, the second Ambergris book, The Church did a soundtrack for the Shriek movie, and then decided to expand on that for a more complex song cycle that’s a soundtrack to the novel. It even uses lines from the novel as lyrics. This time, Ben Templesmith provided the cover art, and it’s the packaging that provides extra value, rather than an insert booklet. The CD is available with the Shriek limited and, eventually, from The Church directly. The music in this case is slightly more out there than a regular Church CD, but not by much. Since I wrote Shriek while listening to The Church, I think there’s a synergy between their sound and the rhythms of the novel. Here’s a little sampler of the music that I put together–four short bits from four different songs.


So, now there’s Finch, which I’ve posted a couple of excerpts from on this blog. It’s got a more hardboiled, stripped-down style, and I’m seriously thinking about approaching a band to see if we could put out a CD based on the novel. It just seems like something would be missing otherwise. In re-reading Finch, I’m thinking bands like Murder by Death, Nick Cave, Darker My Love, stuff like that. But I’m curious–based on the excerpts, what do you think the music should be like? (Should have a cover soon, by the way.)


  1. says

    I think The Decemberists might be a nice choice, if their recent material is any indication. See if you can find their mysterious B-Side “Culling of the Fold”, or their harder/heavier stuff on “The Crane Wife”. It sounds like New Weird to my ears.

  2. says

    Jason Molina, of Songs: Ohia / Ghost Topic bent. I consider that the Ambergis album already.

    Cannot quite reconcile Decemberists and Finch sitting together on a park bench holding hands. Decemberists do write some nasty stuff, but usually their tone is not, er, what I’d call Finchy.

  3. says

    Molina & The National are both great suggestions . . .

    How about instrumental bands? Mogwai did the Zidane soundtrack.

    Red Sparowes or Grails could be good . . .

  4. Ryan says

    Poe was the first thing I thought of. Eerie, beautiful, sultry, vaguely threatening… reminds me of Ambergris itself. Could be a touch too pop, though.