Football Bowl Picks

I know this is a little late since the bowl season has already started, but here are my bowl picks, including how I’ve fared thus far. (I put the list together before the bowls started.) The points beside each choice represent a number between 1 and 34 (the number of bowl games), something that was part of the pool I was playing in before it got disbanded. I’m just too lazy to go through and take them out. LOL.

Any college football fans among Ecstatic Days readers?



EagleBank Bowl – WAKE – 8 (Wake won)
Wake Forest vs. Navy

New Mexico – FRESNO STATE – 1 (Colorado State won)
Colorado State vs. Fresno State

magicJack St. Petersburg – SOUTH FLORIDA – 10 (South Florida won)
Memphis vs. South Florida

Pioneer Las Vegas – BYU – 5 (Arizona won)
BYU vs. Arizona

R+L Carriers New Orleans – SOUTHERN MISS – 2 (Southern Miss won)
Southern Miss vs. Troy

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia – BOISE STATE – 3 (TCU won)
Boise State vs. TCU

Sheraton Hawaii – NOTRE DAME – 4 (Notre Dame won)
Hawaii vs. Notre Dame

Motor City – FL ATLANTIC – 6
Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan

Meineke Car Care – NORTH CAROLINA – 7
West Virginia vs. North Carolina

Champs Sports – FSU – 12
Wisconsin vs. Florida State

Emerald – CALIFORNIA – 34
Miami (Fla.) vs. California

Independence – LA TECH – 9
Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech – NC STATE – 33
NC State vs. Rutgers

Valero Alamo – MISSOURI – 11
Missouri vs. Northwestern

Roady’s Humanitarian – MARYLAND – 13
Maryland vs. Nevada

Texas- RICE – 14
Western Michigan vs. Rice

Pacific Life Holiday – OK STATE – 32
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces – HOUSTON – 15
Houston vs. Air Force

Brut Sun – OREGON STATE – 16
Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh

Gaylord Hotels Music City – BOSTON COLLEGE – 17
Boston College vs. Vanderbilt

Insight – MINNESOTA – 18
Kansas vs. Minnesota

Chick-fil-a – GA TECH – 31
LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Outback – SOUTH CAROLINA – 19
South Carolina vs. Iowa

Capital One – GEORGIA – 30
Georgia vs. Michigan State

Konica Minolta Gator – NEBRASKA – 20
Nebraska vs. Clemson

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi – PENN STATE – 21
Penn State vs. USC

FedEx Orange – CINCINNATI – 29
Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

AT&T Cotton – TEXAS TECH – 27
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

AutoZone Liberty – EAST CAROLINA – 22
Kentucky vs. East Carolina

Allstate Sugar – ALABAMA – 28
Utah vs. Alabama

International – CT – 25
Buffalo vs. Connecticut

Tostitos Fiesta – TEXAS – 23
Ohio State vs. Texas

Ball State vs. Tulsa

FedEx BCS National Championship Game – FLORIDA – 26
Florida vs. Oklahoma


  1. says

    Doing better than my brother and sister are with their ESPN picks (I think South Florida is the only one right so far for each, unless either one picked TCU). I’m not as much into it this year, solely because my beloved Vols went 5-7 and their coach got fired. But at least I can root for Florida against Oklahoma; I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing so if Alabama had won the SEC. Can you tell I’m not a Bama fan? :P

  2. says

    It’s a slow week and I didn’t feel like going out to brave the shopping crowds today :P But hey, it’s college football. What else makes the next few days bearable for non-sentimental people?

  3. says

    Only a dabbler’s interest from this quarter. I don’t get really involved in sports until pitchers and catchers report. I do like your somewhat bold Penn State pick (I hope Paterno wins ten games a year until he’s a hundred) and I’d like to see Ball State cap off their unexpected season with a win. I’d care more about all of this if the schools would drop the hypocritical NCAA student/athlete nonsense and admit to being the football factories that they are. Although even that might not be enough after watching the Washington Huskies flounder their way through the worst major college season ever. I don’t know if you’re keeping up all the way across the national diagonal there, but this has probably been the worst sports year in Seattle history, all things considered.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Yeah, that is a bold choice, the Penn State one–read: reckless–but my dad went to Penn State, and their offensive coordinator used to be Florida’s head coach back in the day.

    And I agree re football factories.

  5. says

    Well, this Cornhusker fan is flattered that you’ve picked Nebraska with such a high degree of confidence. Seems like most of the experts are picking it the other way.

    Yes, our defense is suspect, but give us a small break–we’re in the Big XII. We’ve faced some of the most prolific offenses in college football this year. And we took one of them to the wire (that would be Texas Tech, for those not paying attention).

    Not sure I would put so much confidence in your Florida pick. The Gators have looked impressive, but so has Oklahoma. And I think the SEC’s just a tad overrated this year. (Actually, I think that most years.)

    But then, there is that Heisman Curse thing, so there you go.

  6. jeff vandermeer says

    hey! I was factoring in the H Curse. I also think Tebow has the ability to will his team to the W. But it could also easily be a blow-out either way. I hate the long wait from regular season to championship game as neither will be the same team…

    Re Nebraska–part me taking a risk, part me thinking a rested Nebraska is dangerous.

  7. says

    Yes, they are a bit. I watch it when soccer isn’t on. But I do enjoy college football quite a bit, since I feel like I have a personal stake in things, and it’s crazier than the pros.