Larry at OFBlog on Tie-In Fiction

Larry has read a few media tie-in novels and posted his thoughts here:

Glad Predator came off well, although had hoped someone might comment on the strange-ass alien virus that plays a role therein.

Predator was a renovation of the familiar. If offered an Aliens novel it would be a totally different reading experience as I have some pretty radical ideas in mind. I have wanted to work out a fairly intense space opera in the Aliens universe for some time. (This would then be my last tie-in novel. And I could never do a Star Wars novel–I am in awe of anyone, like Stover, who can handle all that backstory and still move forward.)


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    I had toyed with the thought of commenting on that and a few other things in both your novel and in the others, but I decided ultimately that it would have detracted from what I wanted to focus on, which was how my near-total ignorance of those universes (minus the Star Wars one) would affect my reception of those novels. Besides, I had already read your link to the AvP forum where that was brought up, so I didn’t have a question remaining about the virus! :P

    Still want to read that proposed Aliens novel of yours, even if I might want to watch the movies first to get some of those plot elements I didn’t understand from reading Evenson’s novel. One thing I forgot to say (and I guess I’ll say it here), at least directly, is that some of the enjoyment I got out of those novels depended by how much the author chose to “own” the story. Stover “owned” that SW book; it felt like some of his original fiction in feel. You did as well, although as you’ve noted before, you didn’t have as much backstory to work with there. Evenson could have done better with “owning” it, as at times it felt as though he were going through the motions established by others. Kemp I can’t judge as well, although it seemed he was doing interesting things within a setting that threatened to overpower his story at times.

  2. jeff vandermeer says

    oh I meant in general not in your piece. I had the most fun writing the croc and the weird fungal thing. I am humbly pleased to be getting any coverage, so…

    I posted this entry from my phone so couldn’t embed the url…or go back and correct a couple Gibbon typos…sigh…

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    Ah, okay. I thought it might have been meant to be in general, but since my name was there and since I do visit your blog regularly, thought I’d state why I didn’t address that, just in case any others reading it were curious.