FX’s TV Series Testees: Guilty Pleasure or Just Plain Hilarious?

I have been enjoying the heck out of this half-hour show detailing the adventures of two friends who make money taking experimental drugs from Testco. One turns them blind. Another makes them unable to feel pain. Etc.

The implications of each situation are skillfully played out, the dialog is crisp, and a few eccentric minor characters round things out.

I have been laughing my ass off. Anyone seen this show? Like it? Hate it?


  1. caleb wilson says

    I have not seen it. But I was having a flashback of high school history teacher Mr. Lamb, who told us about the the sleeping sickness caused by the testes fly. He wore the skinny end of his tie below the fat end, and looked like Rush Limbaugh with curly hair, and he was actually the assistant football coach though he sometimes taught history.

  2. Jonathan Osmundsen says

    It’s brilliant–and you do a great job of summing up why it’s an instant classic. I have not seen an episode where I didn’t laugh out loud. But it’s very under the radar still, I think. I can’t even face book it to get the word out. Then again, maybe I’m just not having luck finding the fan club. Clearly, there will be a following for this one in the near future.