Shriek Limited, with Church CD

I apologize for the blatant pre-holidays sales pitch, but Neil Clarke at Wyrm Publishing has put too much work into this project for me not to do a full post on it.

The limited signed/numbered hardcover Shriek: An Afterword from Wyrm is now available and shipping for the holidays. It features:
– Original cover art by 30 Days of Night creator Ben Templesmith
– Layout and design, inside and out, by John Coulthart of fake disease guide and Savoy fame
– An essay by me original to this edition
– Previously unpublished short fiction (from Samuel Tonsure’s journal)
– A full CD by The Church (40 plus minutes) of music made to accompany the novel (this is a radical fleshing out of the original movie music, including new songs, most with lyrics taken from lines in the book)

There’re more photos here and ordering information here. If you act now, you can get my hardcover collection of short-shorts, Secret Lives, for only $10 more (just ask about this offer when you order Shriek.)

The interior layout is as to-die-for as the cover, by the way. Coulthart has outdone himself. I also love the CD, which I listened to a lot while writing Finch.


  1. says

    I’m awaiting my copy to arrive as well. Alas that I can’t take advantage of the $10 Secret Lives offer (although I have no regrets for already owning it).

  2. Claire says

    Yay! I’ve avoided reading Shriek since I heard about (and ordered) this edition. As a side benefit, my brother will get my trade copy of Shriek.

  3. Michael K says

    Ordered mine with Secret Lives today! I saw the Shriek movie premier in San Francisco with the Church back in August of 2006. I won my first copy of Shriek for free as part of the event. I didn’t read the book until several months later, but I was completely hooked! I’ll pass on that first free copy to a friend.

  4. Doug says

    Hi, Just wondered if you knew what was going on with this release? Ordered it on Dec 24th and status is still pending (could be Xmas delay?). Doesn’t look like its in stock either. Also am very surprised not to see it advertised more on The Church site. Any idea why that might be? I’m really looking forward to receiving this!