When Steampunk Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Though I have my issues with Steampunk-the-aesthetic-movement, I do love me some steampunk gadgets.  I love anything with an awesome design.  However, methinks that this steampunk modder is a bit out of his mind:

Cool steampunk mouse… with actual mouse bones. Not even replicas.  Actual. Bone.

It’s not just gross, it also looks painful.  To use this device you must repeatedly stab your palm with mouse spine.  And you know how it will all turn out — the shards will work their way into your bloodstream allowing the spirit of the mouse to take over your body and go on an anger-filled rampage against a world that treated it so ill.

Friends don’t let friends use actual mouse bones for steampunk thus causing the mouse-spirit-inflicted apocalype!

(via Gizmodo, where else?)


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    As William Morris possibly didn’t say, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, believe to be beautiful or which may give you the rodent equivalent of anthrax.”

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    First response: hurl, shudder, quick navigate away. Second response: Wait, you mean the daily pile of licked-clean that my neighbor’s cat leaves on my back stoop could actually be used in some useful (albeit creepy) enterprise? Who knew? And here I was berating myself for giving that long-memoried beastie some tuna in the first place last year – and I’m not sure if the mouse bones are a prolonged thank-you gift or an obtuse threat demonstrating her bone-licking capabilities. In any case, since they arrive with regularity and in appreciable quantities, perhaps I need to put on my steam-punkish engineering hat and come up with useful schemes.

    Or, I could continue to use ye olde mulch pile.

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    The spine and tailbones are overkill, the bones are in general sort of incongruous – more the kind of mouse a necromancer would use for playing Team Fortress or chatting to liches on MSN. I think it’s a joke taken a bit too far. I do like the way the skull lights up though.

    Would love to see what a remote for Nintendo & Sons’ Singularly Astounding Wii Entertainment Device would look like though, or a Steampunk version of Mario Galaxy… “Chapter 1, In which our Hero encounters some Problems with Falling Blocks and Aggressive Tortoises”