guest blogging: fancy

So Jeff wrote me an email a few months ago and asked if I would “guest blog” for him for a week. At the time I was all like, “ooo, ‘guest blogging,’ that sounds fancy.” And, friends, it is. I get my own little login and everything.

Previous guest-bloggers have done some awesome, fancy stuff, too. I especially enjoyed Vandana Singh’s essays and taking a crazy trip with Moles. The thing is, I have a confession: I am not that fancy. My blog, especially since moving to New York, has been intermittent posts of pictures confirming for myself, as much as anyone else, that I am still, in fact, in New York. I sometimes include the occasional tirade, because, hello.

But that is me as a blogger. As a guest blogger, things will be totally different. I imagine this will be like how you wait for visitors to act like a tourist in your own town. Sure, the Met is always there, but that’s just it: it’s always there. For people who sweep into town, the Met is only there for the next week, and you better damn well take advantage of it.

As for me, my short fiction has appeared in a number of fine publications, and a good deal is available online. I’ve been on Live Journal for awhile, and I recently have been seduced by Tumblr, which I like to think of as a live journal for my visual side, but is really just live journal for the ADD set. There’s even drama! My current obsessions include found photographs, Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Stanwyck, Stumptown Coffee, and children’s books.

A few promised posts: the best short film in the world, why we should all pay more attention to books we read when we were ten, a report from my post-apocalyptic book club and a vampire movie you should see instead of Twilight. Hope you stick around!


  1. says

    “Let the Right One In.” It’s been blowin’ up the blogs recently, and I agree, it’s fab. Also, I’ve actually read twilight, and it deals with a lot of the same themes and taboos in a much more interesting way.

  2. Alex says

    Haven’t seen it yet. It’s not in cinemas in Poland yet. But I’m definitely goint to. I’m not a huge fan of horror ovies but this one seems very good. And I’m finishing up “Twilight” right now and I must admit I haven’t read a funnier book in a very long time. I’m postin my favourite parts on my LJ.

  3. Meghan McCarron says

    David — far, far away from me. It is basically like LJ drama, except not even about hilarious stuff like whether you can throw the fourth book of twilight out of the canon or not.