Filling in the blanks

Today has been a bit of an adventure already; I got up early, ran some errands, and met the marvelous Richelle Mead and Kat Richardson for Indian food over in Fremont.  Then we wandered over to the University district and lovingly harassed Duane — the speculative fiction master at the university bookstore.  Duane’s the man who arranges all the signings and sorts out all the incoming visitors, making anyone with a pen and a novel sign everything pertinent within reach.  He’s good people, that Duane.

Anyway, following the chatting up of Duane, we ran a few more errands, nabbed some beverages, and called it an afternoon.  My husband has a birthday tomorrow and I had some things to pick up before he gets home from work; and also, I have an eye doctor’s appointment later this afternoon.  It’s a bit of a prickly eye doctor’s event, really.  Without going into too much detail, I’m having problems with my left retina, and today I’m going to find out both the nature and extent of those problems — so all fingers are crossed for a total lack of excitement.  If there’s one thing I don’t need right now, it’s lasers poking around inside my eyeballs. I’m just sayin’.

But in other news, here’s a handful of links for entertainment purposes only:

*  Rose Fox from Publishers Weekly interviews me over at Genreville. It’s a quick little chat about my upcoming novel Fathom, and where it came from, and what it’s about, and why people might be charmed enough to buy it.  And yes, this is the part where I rather shamelessly ask you to consider preordering it, because this is my first wide-release hardback novel, and I’m intensely excited, nervous, and insecure about it.

*  If you’re hunting for free, weird, bewildering, fascinating, appalling, delightful internet reading, I’d like to direct your attention to Ectoplasmosis. And speaking of that fine blog, one of the proprietors is on the very cusp of an art show in Berekley, California. Details available here, and you should absolutely take the time to go visit her work in person, if you get the chance.

* Via Irene Gallo at Tor, take a peek inside John Jude Palencar’s art studio.  I have a biased and vested interest in Mr. Palencar, whose artwork adorns my first three novels. He’s an outstanding artist; and anywhere, anytime he finds himself in my company — that man shall drink for free.

*  In the category of Other Awesome Stuff You Should Look At, kindly take a gander at the free webcomic produced by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield every Friday.  FreakAngels is lovely and tragic, with everything you could possibly want from a post-apocalyptic water-world steampunk story; and now, if you’d rather catch it on the page instead of on the screen, you can do so.  FreakAngels Vol I collects the first 24 episodes into one fine volume, and you can order it right here, right now.

And that’s all I’ve got for now, folks.  I need to take off my eye makeup and rustle up some supper before heading off to the eye doctor. Happy reading, and I’ll catch you tomorrow, hopefully with both eyes working just dandy, thank you very much.


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    Warren Ellis’ blog introduced me to Ectoplasmosis and I concur that both sites are a great deal of fun, bulging at the seams with both the pleasantly distracting and, occasionally, the profound. Predictably then, I second the recommendation of FreakAngels, and really anything the man has scribbled. Even the less than perfect comics have something of merit to them, although I’ll own up to being broke and therefore not following his current runs of the more mainstream stuff or picking up his novel.

    Good luck with your eyeball!

  2. says

    Hey, you live in Seattle. I mean, you already knew that, but I didn’t. Duane does seem like good people. The last time I was in his store, he dug up a copy of Jeff’s Predator novel that had just come in and hadn’t been shelved. When he gave it to me he dropped it–anyone who’s met Duane will know that was quite a fall–and bent the cover, so he discounted it, too.

  3. says

    Jesse: I’m glad you approve of the link selection, and so far so good with the eyeball.
    James: In fact, I *do* live in Seattle. Duane’s awesome. Just thought I’d state that for the record.

  4. GlenH says

    Jesse: I picked up the novel. I thought it was a bit sledge hammery on its message and unusual sexual practices make me go all light headed and woozy but otherwise it’s not bad.