While I’m thinking about it

Over at the Apex Book Company, my old buddy Jason Sizemore is running a fund-raising raffle during the month of November.  Right now, he’s hoping to raise enough cash to meet two main goals: (1). to keep Apex Digest free for all readers, and (2). to continue to pay writers a professional rate.  Furthermore, 10% of all proceeds goes to The Imagination Library, a reading program that mails free books to children on a monthly basis.

So if you’re interested in maybe picking up some cool science fiction and horror schwag via raffle or treachery, click here to go see what’s being offered.  You can win signed books, critiques of your own work from professional writers, and a whole kettle of other stuff too; or if raffles rub you the wrong way, check out the Apex Book Company catalog and see if anything strikes your fancy.