Predator Say: “Vote! Kill! Er, No, Not Kill–VOTE First!”

Jeff VanderMeer • October 26th, 2008 @ 1:08 pm • Uncategorized

Friend, writer, and bookseller Caleb Wilson emailed today to relate how Predator: South China Sea has become involved in the early voting process: “I voted early today, and I was reading your Predator novel in the line (about a 45-minute wait) and of course took it into the booth with me, and in the end it was the book that pushed the ballot into the machine. Thought you might like to know that your book has now taken a small role in this election!”

So remember to vote. And bring the Predator along if you like. He believes in the right to bear arms and the right to tear arms. He believes in a strong defense by preemptively being offensive. And, from his extensive vacations in remote locations he too believes in the value of isolated small-town America…

Also, thanks again to Will Hindmarch for his blogging, and I’ll post an introduction to our next guest, David Moles, shortly…

8 Responses to “Predator Say: “Vote! Kill! Er, No, Not Kill–VOTE First!””

  1. Bear says:

    and it also believes in the right to arm bears, apparently (see here: :)

  2. Larry says:

    But does it support the right to keep arms while bare? The nudists out there are demanding an answer!

    Plus, I don’t know if the Predator shares my “communist, terrorist-loving, socialist” ways. I mean, what if the only difference between the Predator and Sarah Palin is the lipstick and the fact that the Predator probably doesn’t spend $150K on clothing accessories?

  3. jeff vandermeer says:

    The Predator only wears a special line of Versace.

  4. ~ says:

    “Those who vote in elections decide nothing . Those who count the votes decide everything”

    @ mindvox!netsys!pagesat!!usc!!

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Trust says to have no sense of humor.

  6. Larry says:

    Would the Predator be willing to be swank in its Versace PredGearâ„¢ while it disembowels those who fail to consider voting for it?

  7. Will Hindmarch says:

    Thanks for having me on, Jeff. And thanks to all y’all who commented this week. I hope I’ll see you all around the Internet again soon.

  8. Federal Firearms License Requirements says:

    You never can be too careful with a subject like this people need to take notice.

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