Exit, Pursued by Gatling-Abe

Thanks to all of you for coming by this week. This week has rekindled my love for blogging, I think. So thank you all for that, and for reading and, especially, for your feedback this week. Much appreciated.

I wanted to leave you all with two things. First, a quote I saw this week which struck me as either true or Internet True, take you pick:

“The best measure of a blog is not how many people it reaches, it’s how much it changes what you do. Changes your posture, your writing, your transparency, your humility. What blogging has done for me is made me think. I get to think about how the outside world will understand something I’m trying to do, for example.”

— Seth Godin interviewed by Josh Spear, Trendspotting

The second is this artifact from the Internet, which I thought you’d enjoy. (Source unknown; if you know the origin of this piece, drop a comment here and let us know.)

So, then. Cheers.

Another wonder from the Internet