We Make Books

Here at the Hindmarch household, we make books. I write them, or lay them out, or design them, using things like Word and InDesign and Photoshop. My wife, Sara, makes books by cutting paper, gluing oddball stuff together, and binding them, using things like her hands and, also, her hands. It blows my mind.

Today, though, she is a step closer to (intruding on!) my part of book-making, as her first-ever check from a publishing company came in the mail today. She’s soon to be published in a crafty book on bookbinding projects and designs, called Green Bookmaking. (How many times do you think I can type book in this post? Book? Yeah, I book so, too.)

So here’s where I take a selfish moment to plug the handmade books of re:Paper, my wife’s hackbooking operation. She’s also got one of them Etsy stores at RePaper.Etsy.com. See pictures of her work after the jump.


Katazomi paper Tree Date Book

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