Books4Barack Shut Down

According to the site, the response was just too overwhelming. (Thanks to Christopher Robbins for pointing this out to me.)


  1. Timblynod says

    I wonder if I’m the only conservative who reads Jeff’s blog. We’re a timorous lot here, I suppose. Ironic, though, as I’m one of the most zealous evangelists of Ambergris, having spread the gospel far and wide. Great art–to dollop out a platitude–transcends politics.

    Go McCain!


  2. says

    I certainly don’t mean to make you feel unwelcome, Timblynod, and I hope the book/writing posts while I’m doing my guest blog stint will be of some interest.

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Oh, Timblytod, you poor sod. You have to defend a shriveled old prune of a misanthrope. Well, god bless.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Timbly–you do know there’s only one major conservative novelist of any note in contemporary times: Mark Helprin. Come over to…the dark side…

  5. Timblynod says

    Jeff, yes, I’ve already put in an application with Helprin for an apprenticeship. The literary zeitgeist is in for a major kick in the ass…