Salad Fingers

John Langan • September 17th, 2008 @ 7:34 am • Links

I’m sure all readers of Ecstatic Days will be familiar with this, but just in case…Salad Fingers!

5 Responses to “Salad Fingers”

  1. Claire says:

    Wow. Um. That was really creepy.

  2. John Langan says:

    I think of it as the cartoon Michael Cisco would produce if he were a cartoonist.

  3. Grant Stone says:

    Brilliant! And speaking of spoons, everyone must have seen this:

  4. Ekaterina Sedia says:

    I love Salad Fingers. I first found it at — there are tons of weird and wonderful animations there. Magical Trevor, for example.

  5. Jesse Bullington says:

    As a horror aficionado, I rolled my eyes when my friend turned down the lights and cued up Salad Fingers. She claimed it would put the spook on me but the very idea that some cheesy little cartoo–

    –and then my brain shut down in pure terror. Seriously, I’m talking Heart of Darkness Horror. To this day my friend can just say the word ‘kettle’ and I leak a little urine. My favorite’s the one with Kenneth, ‘back from the Great War.’

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