Denial, Star Trek, and the Large Hadron Collider

At some point, the denial has to stop. For me, that point occurred yesterday, in my first post here. After years of insisting, “I don’t have a problem.” After the hours spent watching The Next Generation, and the fact that I can tell you — without crib notes or Google — who captained the Enterprise C. After years of sharing an office at UC Santa Barbara with a woman who kept a life size cutout of Spock in the corner, which I thought was normal. And after writing a scene where the heroine in my novel Jericho Point, Evan Delaney, wears underwear emblazoned with the phrase “Resistance is futile.”

Yeah, I hear the snickering from the back row. Trekkie trekkie trekkie…

Fine. I didn’t intend to expose my inner geek so blatantly. Didn’t mean to turn my stint here into a confession of my own SF weaknesses. But I’ll fess up.

I did go in costume to a Star Trek exhibition. I promise to find the photo. One hitch: My editor needs the first draft of my next novel later today. So I can’t spend time looking for the picture right now. All I’ll say is, the Starfleet gear belonged to the friend who went to the exhibition with me, and she was generous enough to let me play Captain. Pale green suits me.

When I find the photo, I’ll let you know.

Now, because I have to cocoon myself and get this manuscript off to the editor, I’ll leave you with something sciencey and entertaining. You may already have seen it, but it’s still cool. The dancing’s half-assed and the bling is all in the big underground ring at CERN, not on the rappers’ fingers. But where else will you hear “The photon, it has no mass” rhymed with “the top quark is dragging its — !” (Dashes in the original.)

The Large Hadron Collider Rap.


  1. says

    OH, Ya-YAH! I like big colliders, I cannot LIE!
    I DIG that video!

    And, I say without shame that I watched the Star Trek Next Gen marathon yesterday on the Sci-Fi channel.

    DATA: If the Enterprise were really this fragile, sir, she never would have gotten out of spacedock. Therefore, her systems failures are not endemic to the ship, but are more likely the result of the actions of an unknown adversary.
    RIKER: We have a saboteur aboard.
    DATA: I believe I just said that.

    Q: What must I do to convince you I’m human?
    WORF: Die!
    Q: Oh, very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?

  2. Timblynod says

    Trekker, I believe, is how we prefer to be categorized these days. It’s more PC. ;)

    I, too, have always been enraptured by all things TNG. In college I took a course on Shakespeare and the prof. made us watch Hamlet. When I saw Patrick Steward was playing the lead role I gave a sudden involuntary shriek of delight, “Captain Picard!!”

    Later, after taking that class, I was surprised at how many references to Shakespeare appear in TNG. Really, how can one not be in awe of Patrick Stewart. And TNG was truly a marvel to behold. A localized miracle.

    –but don’t think of it as a problem…just a passion =D

  3. says

    T’Pol, she’s hot

    (even though she is Vulcan and has a body temperature of 32.78c…)

    Yeah yeah I’m a Trekkie, Trekker, Trekmeister or whatever you want to call it, too :)

    However, temperatures might rise even further once we see Captain Gardiner’s photo…

  4. says

    OH, Ya-YAH! I like big colliders, I cannot LIE!
    I DIG that video!

    And, I say without shame that I watched the Star Trek Next Gen marathon yesterday on the Sci-Fi channel. thanks admin !!

  5. says

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