Meg Gardiner on Ecstatic Days: Guest Blogging Sept. 1-5

I’m very pleased to introduce Meg Gardiner as this week’s guest blogger on Ecstatic Days. Meg Gardiner previously practiced law and taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Originally from Southern California, she now lives with her family in London. Although already an established novelist for years, Gardiner received additional notoriety when Stephen King read one of her Evan Delaney mystery novels and raved about it in Entertainment Weekly. This led to a book deal in the U.S. with Penguin. China Lake and Mission Canyon are available in mass market paperback this summer.

As I wrote in my Amazon interview with Gardiner: One thing I noticed immediately [about your novel] China Lake is a dual narrative urgency wedded to an ability to give the reader unusual specific detail or description. That’s hard to do.