Things that make you cry

Like many others, I use online chats to stay in touch with the friends who are too distant for frequent visits. Below is a slightly edited transcript of one such session with my friend who chose to remain anonymous, so I will just call her Genevieve V. Conversation started with the subject of movies that make us cry. And like every conversation of things dramatic, it quickly turned to Futurama.

Genevieve (talking about the movie version of V): also, the music rocked. I cried, dude, just because of the music. You play sad music and show me the Care Bears on top, I’ll still cry. Pavlovian.

Me: I know what you mean; for me, it’s dead/dying/sad animals, and I KNOW I’m being manipulated and yet, can’t help it. There’s a Futurama episode Chris doesn’t let me watch anymore because I always cry for hours afterwards.

Genevieve: OH GOD. Just thinking about it I want to cry. “Jurassic Bark.” Uncontrollable sobs.

Me: I KNOW!!!! And they used the music from “Cherbourg Umbrellas”. Which is like an added layer of Pavlovian sobbing.

Genevieve: It’s PAINFUL.

Me: On the other hand, I am totally using this conversation as fodder for my guest-blogging stint.

Genevieve: “Crying like a tiny child: a primer.”

Me: “Cartoon animals: they will rip your heart out and stomp on it.”

So, what unlikely things make you cry? Movies, books, TV, Futurama episodes?


  1. says

    Under the cover of anonymity, I can say that last night I had to turn off two separate movies right before the sad parts so that I didn’t cry when the sad music came up. These movies were The 13th Warrior and The Deep End.

    13th Warrior I turned off ten minutes from the end. I made it about twenty minutes into The Deep End and had to stop.

  2. says

    I cry all the time in movies, but rarely in the places intended to elicit tears. Usually in the big bombastic action scenes. If it is visually impressive enough, and I’m in a dark theater (if I turn all the lights out in the house and manage not to fall asleep in front of the TV, then maybe there too), my wife will usually find tears running down my cheeks. The worst offenders that come to mind are the t-rex fight in King Kong (old and new) and most of the battles in Lord of the Rings. Not that its just Peter Jackson either, though he does fare better on DVD. Heck, I found myself crying in Iron Man.

  3. Jess Nevins says

    Nope. That episode of Futurama never happened. NEVER HAPPENED.

    (too painful to think about).

    Animals dying affects me, badly. Now that I’ve got a son, I’m beginning to feel that way about babies being hurt as well. I was rereading G.G. Kay’s Lions of al-Rassan, and there’s a moment where a baby is killed, and I had to stop reading. Couldn’t bear the thought of it.

  4. LibrariAnon says

    Similar to Lane–I tear up during loud previews in the movie theater, and also during scenes with loud music and lots of color or intricate visuals. The movie “The Fall” had me in tears pretty much from the start, and I cried during the first few minutes of the new Batman movie.

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    I totally agree with Lane, I do that all the time. Recently, I got teary at The Dark Knight, the scene where the Joker wants to be run down by the Bat Cycle. I also spent one rainy summer afternoon crying over Catcher in the Rye. That was fun!

  6. says

    I haven’t seen that episode of Futurama so I’ll consider myself duly warned.

    Speaking of Heath Ledger, I watched Brokeback Mountain again shortly after he died. BIG mistake. That film was wrenching enough without heaping real world tragedy on top.

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    Oh, all good ones. And I relate to Brokeback Mountain — it is very wrenching. (Also, John — I love your art! *fangirls*)

    Very interesting about big action scenes — I tend to react to music more than to visuals, I think, but I definitely can see the emotional component there.

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    Thanks Ekaterina! And I just thought of another which usually gets everyone, namely the end if It’s A Wonderful Life. I had a friend who only had to hear the words “Zuzu’s petals!” and she’d start sniffling. (This was before some indie band hijacked the phrase for their name.)

  9. Ann VanderMeer says

    Once when Jeff was out of town I rented some videos he didn’t want to see. Dreamgirls and The US vs John Lennon. I spent most of that weekend crying from those films. The next time he went out of town I watched back-to-back episodes of Charmed and The Bob Newhart Show (circa early 1970’s). No crying then!

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    Here comes my confession . . .

    When I was a kid, I saw the movie Konga (1961). At the end of the movie, the military fills the giant ape full of lead and it finally topples dead on the ground. Then, it shrinks back to the little monkey it started out as before Michael Gough made it grow.

    I came home from the theater, feeling strange. My mother asked me, how was the movie? I started crying! She said, “Well, if these movies are so scary, you shouldn’t watch them.”
    I had to explain, “I’m not crying from fear! The poor little monkey…lying dead in the road…”