Jesse Bullington Sells Brothers Grossbart Novel to Orbit

My apologies for breaking in here for a second, but…

Readers of this blog may remember my post about a remarkable novel by Jesse Bullington. Jesse had had trouble getting an agent, so I not only wrote about the book, I also reproduced an excerpt. As a result, Jesse got an agent–Sally Harding–and now that agent has gotten him a publisher. The Brothers Grossbart has been picked up by Orbit Books.

Jesse would have gotten published anyway I’m sure, but this blog was able to provide the positive effect of greatly shortening the entire process. That’s what makes me the most happy re about the situation because sometimes the length of that process, especially for a book that doesn’t fit a neat sales pitch, can sap the will of writer. It becomes an endurance game and a test of one’s self-belief.

So…Community. Transparency. A sense of play. Being serious when you need to be. Being generous to other creative people because it’s the right thing to do. That’s what I want this blog to be about. Every time I get a little depressed by the ass-hattery I sometimes see across the blogosphere, I realize I’ve got the ability, in my little corner of it, to be positive, to be a place where people want to come for good conversation, interesting news, and creative fun. Thanks to all of you to contributing to that positive atmosphere–and congrats again to Jesse.

Okay, now back to regular programming. Kathy Sedia has a great post on smells/perfume upcoming…


  1. says

    Very big congratz!

    “It becomes an endurance game and a test of one’s self-belief.”

    Yes, yes it does. Good on ya, for helping shorten this psyche sapping cycle for a fellow writer.

  2. says

    Jeff: Thank you again for all your help with this, I really am at a loss for how to properly convey my gratitude! To be frank, however, your blog posts have made me a little nervous…publication is one thing, but having brilliant critics and authors who you personally admire anticipate your release is a whole different sort of anxiety. I will be a wreck for the next 13 months, so thanks for that!

    Everyone else: Thank you each and all for the outpouring of kind sentiments regarding this project! It feels very peculiar to have an untested excerpt placed on a highly visible blog, but every comment on every post made me feel welcome in this wonderfully strange new country. If any of you enjoy the novel half as much as I’ve enjoyed your fictions, truths, and everything in between, then I’ll be a right egotistical–but hopefully charming–bastard for the rest of my days.

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says


    It’ll toughen you up, in all seriousness! Because when the book is out you’ll be dealing with all kinds of public stuff, and it can be overwhelming. Even if fun!


  4. says

    Congratulations Jesse! Very few people go out of their way the way Jeff does to support other’s projects. And he has pretty darn good judgement! :D

    I really enjoyed the excerpt too, and am looking forward to the novel as much as anyone possibly can. I know we’ll be kept up-to-date, and I’m just waiting with bated breath like everyone else.

    What else is in the works? ;-)

  5. says

    Dave: as fas as what’s in the works, the news that the Grossbarts ms sold and I would need to work on a few revisions came just as a friend and I were finishing up a draft of a new novel we’ve collaborated on. It’s very different in tone, theme, etc. but is also set in medieval Europe. It was odd to return to the Grossbarts immediately upon setting down a such a different project, so I had to pump out a quick, unrelated-to-either short story to rinse my brain off before getting back into it…but that is a tale for another day!

  6. Matti says

    I suddenly remembered this today and started googling. Now I have preordered the book, hopefully I will forget about it before it drops from my mailslot as a surprise.