A Week of Books Received and Other News

While Jeff is at the Shared Worlds Camp, I have had the pleasure of checking the mail each day (btw – he’s having a blast at camp and just spent the last few days with guest writer/lecturer Ekaterina Sedia).  Here is a photo of all books received this week – above – some for review and others just because…

And I also am excited to present the working cover for Best American Fantasy.  ARCs will be out very shortly and the actual book is scheduled for a  November release.  Here’s the cover:

In other news, the next issue of Weird Tales is about to hit newsstands any day now.   Lots of good stuff in there, including fiction from Norman Spinrad, Karen Heuler, Nick Mamatas, Kelly Barnhill and others as well as an interview with Mike Mignola by Elizabeth Genco, Lost in Lovecraft and other Weirdisms.  Check it out.

More photos after the cut and a bit of help from Jackson….

Here is a group of books that arrived on Monday – which one doesn’t belong?

Books from Tokyo Pop:

More books…

And some more books

And more books, and even more books…

A couple more that came in today.

Interior of Wordless Books – a very cool book:

A very cool book from Leena Krohn – her new children’s book:

She also did all the art for this book.  Here is a sample:

And I will leave you with one last image.  Here is Jackson “helping” me with all the mail!!


  1. says

    Dude! That BAF cover is very much rockin’, hee! Well done.

    The Wordless Books looks gorgeous.

    And a quick aside – did you get the last email I sent you for WT stories? My email is playing silly buggers, messages aren’t getting to me, and I’ve no idea what is getting out.

  2. Ann VanderMeer says

    Yep, sorry. I did get your email, Tessa, and many thanks. The last 2 weeks at work have been from hell. I’ve never had so many customers on fire at the same time! (Sunspots???) Hard at work on submissions this weekend!!!

  3. Timblynod says

    There’s quite a few books there. If you feel overwhelmed, overburdened in the least bit, I’d be more than happy to relieve you of some of the books.

    Magnanimous is my middle name =D