Jack O’Connell Week: What Are Your Favorites?

As Jack O’Connell week continues, I’d like to know if you have a favorite O’Connell novel. Not having read Word Made Flesh, I can’t comment on that novel, but I do very much love Box Nine and The Resurrectionist in particular. Box Nine for its rare ability to truly make the modern world weird and surreal. The Resurrectionist for its ability to make us care about the land of dreams. (My thoughts on O’Connell’s latest can be found in my Washington Post review of the novel.)

So, let’s have it readers: Do you have a favorite?

(Brought to you by the miracle of pre-scheduled auto-posting. There is indeed a ghost in the machine.)


  1. Ann V. says

    I really loved reading The Resurrectionist. I had the good fortune to get this book as I recovered from shoulder surgery. The story just swept me away to another place and I stopped thinking about my silly little woes. So real it made me start looking for the Limbo comics. Now I can’t wait to see what Jack O’Connell will write next.

  2. says

    Until now, my favorite O’Connell novel was Box Nine. Even with all her faults, Lenore is one of the best characters I know. Then I met the endearing Chick the chicken boy and his band of wandering misfits, and The Resurrectionist ultimately surpassed Box Nine to become my new O’Connell fave.

    So, when does the movie come out?

  3. JT says

    There’s no denying the thrill that was reading BOX NINE for the first time and for some reason reading it back to back with James Blaylock’s ALL THE BELLS OF THE EARTH made it more special (there are interesting parallels between the two books, though for the life of me I can’t remember what they were — it’s been over 15 years!). So despite my gut feeling that WORD MADE FLESH is a ‘better’ book, I still consider BOX NINE my favorite…. a special mention must go to the WIZARD OF OZ subplot in SKIN PALACE. I haven’t had a chance to read THE RESURRECTIONIST yet, but it’s next in line. I’m also thrilled to hear the Surfistas book is finally shaping up.