Taking a Break–Contact Info, Amazon, etc.

As I may have mentioned previously, I will largely be offline during the rest of July, August, and September as I finish up my new novel, Finch. (Although guest bloggers will be here all during that time.)

If you have a question related to one of our book projects, please contact my wife, Ann, at buzzcity at yourvillage.com.

If you are media seeking an interview or have some other query related to PR, please contact Matt Staggs at mattormeg at gmail.com.

You can find information about my appearances this summer in the right-hand sidebar.

Please note that my Amazon posts will continue throughout this time and can be viewed at this link. Check regularly as I will have three to four posts most weeks. My io9 art posts (with Ann) will also continue and can be viewed here. (Many thanks to the gods of pre-prep and auto-posting, and to Ann and Matt for their help.)

Also, thanks to Luis Rodrigues, who built this site. If you need to reach him for some reason, you can contact him via the feedback page.