Books Received–Gene Wolfe, Realms, Orcs, and More

Many books to talk about in what will be my last books received piece for at least a week or two. First off, the Meg Gardiner novels pictured above. I really love this series, and so I bought the mass markets in the bookstore even though I have advance reader copies. Very nice packaging, too.

…two very spiffy volumes, including a contributor copy…

…orcs should always been next to unicorns. Although the day after I took this photo, the unicorns book had been mysteriously savaged and I had to put it down…

…lovely editions I admit to buying rather than receiving…

…some serious lit…the mag will be going off to Kevin Brockmeier for BAF3 reading…

…tres graphic novels, including a Holly Black…

…anybody know anything about this one?

…two cool gifts from Matt and Meg–thanks!

…and a gift from Ann that is also very practical of her. I’ve been ODing on Frasier as a kind of guilty pleasure and some days it gives me an excuse not to write in the mornings. This way I can have my Frasier whenever I want! (Evil Monkey: How can you like Nabokov and Frasier, you moron. Jeff: How can I like Nabby, Frasier, and YOU? Evil Monkey: Good point.)


  1. says

    Ooh, the Venture Brothers. That’s my favorite show on TV, bar none.

    Those pictures also remind me that I never bought the third book in the Otori series. I should fix that.

  2. Rick Klaw says

    Not that surprising that Matt sent you the Venture Brothers. We’ve had several conversations about the coolest show on TV, much cooler than Frasier ever hoped to be. Easily the best thing on Cartoon Network.

  3. says

    I’m curious about the Ballantine galley that is cropped out of the stack photo there…Got the Wolfe book a few days ago and the story was enjoyable. Will order the other Wyrm offering in a few months, after school starts back in August. The rest…tempting. When is the LaSalle coming out?