Books Received July 1–John Grant, Brandon Sanderson, John Eleven Turkeys, and More

I’m over John Twelve Hawks, unless he personally comes to my house and reveals his identity. For every day he doesn’t, I’m down-grading him:

July 2-12:
John Eleven Turkeys
John Ten Rheas
John Nine Guinea Fowl
John Eight Geese
John Seven Vultures
John Six Kiwis
John Five Finches
John Four Mockingbirds
John Three Seagulls
John Two Pigeons
John One Sparrow

And more detail on the graphic novels:


  1. says

    Huh. I didn’t know NBM was still putting books out. I’m must hie myself out to the ‘tubes and find out what’s going on over there.

  2. says

    Nice haul – I started reading the Sanderson last night and it’ll be interesting to read how fans, particularly Wheel of Time fans, react to this concluding volume. As for the John number guy, I was disappointed not to see any wrens or starlings on the list.