The Newt is Mute But Speaks Volumes: WaPo Resurrectionist Review

…Aaaaand just when I think I’m done, they pull me back in. The Washington Post Book World just posted my review of Jack O’Connell’s The Resurrectionist, a book that despite my reservations I recommend highly and am adding to the rec list on the right (click through to order).

Excerpt: You would think that a conversation between a mad scientist and his prized newt might not stand out in a novel dominated by sociopathic bikers, a father’s unbearable guilt and a sad quest by a group of sideshow freaks. You would be wrong. In the strange crucible of reality and imagination that is The Resurrectionist, by Jack O’Connell, their one-sided exchange exemplifies the author’s sheer chutzpah: from its meticulous attention to detail to the parallels between Dr. Peck, founder of a coma clinic, and his blue-spotted newt, Rene.

Church Signing Sheets

And, finally, to close out the week, I just got these signing sheets that our old friend Dan Read in Atlanta had two members of The Church sign back in 2006 when they were on tour for the last CD. He just found them after they’d gone missing for awhile. Perfect timing to perhaps include them with the first hundred orders of the Shriek limited or something. We’ll see. The art is by Eric Schaller, and I haven’t talked to him yet about their disposition.

Okay, I’m exhausted. I’m outta here. Have a good weekend. If you stop by, tell me something funny, something weird, or just go smell some flowers. And if I blog again before Monday, somebody hit me in the head with a frying pan.

Friday Night Videos

(Another of Catherine Cheek’s great books)

Go take a look at this week’s Friday Night Videos feature at Amazon, showcasing Catherine Cheek’s winning origami book entry and a video that demonstrates the right way to build excitement for a book tour: using flatulence.

And, for right here right now, DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE!:

Recapping a Pretty Busy Week at Ecstatic Days…

Let’s see now. We had…

Ambergris Stamps

Short Fiction Fantasists (Related to that is this Friday discussion at Fantasy magazine, listing more.)

The Church’s CD of Shriek Music

Global Amnesty Week within the Blogosphere

Meg Gardiner Interview on Amazon

The Release of Secret Lives (with video)

Greg Broadmore Interview at Amazon

The io9 Lovecraft Art Feature

And those’re just the highlights. Whew. Long week. Must rest. Soon.

io9 Lovecraft Art Book Feature

(Art by John Coulthart)

io9 has just posted our gi-normous feature on The Art of Lovecraft: Artists Inspired by Lovecraft, published by Centipede Press. We interviewed Ian Miller, Bob Eggleton, John Coulthart, John Picacio, Harry O. Morris, and Jerad Walters (the publisher) for the feature, and it includes more than 20 selections from the book in a really cool gallery format. Please spread the word–it’s an important volume, and one of the most beautiful books we’ve ever seen. (See also this piece on the book.)

Below find “outtakes from the interviews that we couldn’t fit into the feature.

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Dragons Are Real, Jeff, You Jerk

In reply to my comment trying to lower expectations on my Amazon post about How to Raise and Keep A Dragon:

I have a miniature Ice dragon. She is white with a blue tint. her name is Tarasque. I have drawn a pic of her but I can’t find it. (Personally I think she doesn’t like the pic and ripped it up XD)


Books Received June 27–Top Shelf Coolness

I love Top Shelf, and I’m a huge fan of the Essex County books. Top Shelf’s revamped website is definitely worth checking out, too.

Graphic Novel Fridays at Amazon: Greg Broadmore’s Stunning Imagination

I’ve posted my interview with Greg Broadmore over at Amazon. I really thought his answers were kind of wonderful. A lot of fun. Seems like he’d be a great guy to work with. We’ll be doing an io9 art feature with him in July. And I’ve got a link to order his book–to your right. No, your right.


Friday Links Because I Love You

Some linkage for you this morning, to be followed later by some follow-up on our io9 art feature, on The Art of Lovecraft book we love so much. In the meantime, feel free to add your own news or bizarre links in the comments. Self-promotion is acceptable.

First off, Steampunk gets a long and creatively written rave in the LA Times. Paul Di Filippo is having his story from the anthology, “Victoria,” podcast. And this weekend, a feature on the antho along with Ann reading a brief excerpt from Molly Brown’s story will appear in/on the Tallahassee Democrat/website.

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