Amazon Pop Culture Report #4: Greg Broadmore, Lovecraft, Moomin, and More

I’ve just posted my latest Pop Culture Report both here and on Amazon’s book blog, Omnivoracious. For those who haven’t seen the others, it’s a DIY come-into-my-house-and-look-at-some-recent-cool books kinda thing. Check out the version on Amazon, where I’ve posted links to all of the books mentioned in the report.

Feel free to embed the video on your own blog or site with your own comments about the books I’ve reviewed. And let me know here what you think, too. The more attention these video features get, the more able I am to continue doing them. (Small apology this time around: a lightning strike or two during the filming caused a couple of hiccups.)

Here’s the direct link to it on YouTube.


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    I was just in a seminar with Jessica Abel and Matt Madden in Chicago, and got a chance to pick up a nice signed copy of Drawing Words. It’s a stellar book, which I hadn’t much heard of until I got to the seminar. Recommended.

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    Thanks, Jeff – I found that video really useful. Sometimes you don’t want to have to read a 1500 word review, but just want a brief summary and a good look at the inside of the book.

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