Tallahassee Democrat Covers Steampunk

Nice little piece in our local paper, including the photo Bogdan Hrib took of us in Romania (on the day, he adds cryptically, of “the professional cockroaches”). The online version also includes Ann’s reading from Molly Brown’s “The Selene Gardening Society”. Note Ann’s Jewish interpretation of “nudge” as “noodge”…

(This post deliberately bumps the Arthur magazine fund-drive post to page 2 because it’s been messing up my internets for some reason. But please check it out–a great mag, important cause.)


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    Surprised to hear that the local coverage is hard to come by, as I would think local papers would tend to cover local people (and authors) more often than national periodicals. I was beginning to wonder why every time I visited the blog the past couple of days that it would scroll down to that one post. Nice to know it wasn’t just my browser.

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    Larry: Sometimes it’s a lack of time or resources–it’s easier to just buy syndicated content. And then there’s the lure of the exotic: if you’re local, you’re not as interesting unless you have appeal to a particular niche market. However, that said the Democrat has given us more than our share of coverage the last few years.

    I’d add that writers tend to spend too much time trying to get local coverage, because it’s a pride thing with friends and family. But local coverage rarely leads to many book sales, unless the link gets picked up, the review gets syndicated, or the market you live in happens to be New York City. On a strategic level, it’s often a mis-application of a disproportionately large amount of time.

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    True. Even Nashville, big as its publishing industry is, is spotty at times with local talent. I guess too often one has to make it nationally before one makes it locally these days?