Euro 2008 Final–The Preamble Is, Er, Not Going to Win Over Skeptical Americans

Okay, they had twirling balloon Christmas-tree creatures that reenacted the results of the entire tournament along with waltzing Mozarts in white-face and a pretty lame pop band. At times, the scene from above looked like some odd version of twister being played by limbless if colorful one-celled cone organisms.

Anyone else find this a bit odd?

And, er, now the match has begun…why is it Giants versus Tinies?



  1. says

    LOL! Yeah–Michael. Most definitely. It was like a pre-game show from an alternate universe created by Thomas Ligotti and some surreal circus. The only comparable train wreck I can think of is the year the Oscars did intepretative dance for each of the nominated films for best picture.

  2. says

    Well, remember Izzy from 1996? That’s about the only thing I’ve seen that approached that level of kitsch I saw on display. At least the match itself was enjoyable to watch.

  3. iphonephan says

    In this EuroCup, David kicked Goliaths arse! Go España!! Torres and Casillo are my all time fav players this year ;-)