Secret Lives-Finally Out! And Beautiful!

Yes, that’s right, Secret Lives is now out. Mine were shipped right from the printer. The publisher will be shipping out orders shortly. Our preferred bookseller is Ziesing Books, because the book idea originated with them. You can order it from them here.

Here is a short video detailing some of the book’s special features, including unusual end papers…(Mr. Matt Cheney, pay attention, sir.)

Any questions? Please let me know.


  1. says

    Great! I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and I hope to have it by the first week of July, if I’m lucky :D

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says


    As you know, I never finished your Secret Life, but I DO mention it in the introduction, so it exists in a kind of ghosted way.

    Garry Nurrish did a great interior layout.


  3. says

    Wait… I’m confused.

    I’ve got “Secret Life” from Golden Gryphon Press floating around here.

    Is this completely different, only a little different, or did I just miss the announcement/explanation somewhere?

    Or, was it a secret, and I’m just not in the loop?

  4. says

    We never could decide on a title that was satisfactory other than Secret Lives, which I admit is confusing, specially with the Secret Life Redux volume out there, but a confused bibliography seems to be my destiny.


  5. says

    A confusing bibliography actually seems very appropriate.

    Now, how can you turn your own bibliography into a brilliant narrative, Jeff? You’re the only person on earth who could possibly pull that off.

  6. says

    Er, well, that’s the plan. The project for Payseur & Schmidt next year will probably be an annotated bibliography that is part memoir part tell-all about the book biz, etc.


  7. says

    They’re mostly vignettes and some longer stories in which I took the real details of readers’ lives and then extrapolated a secret or alternative life for them. The readers were all people who had ordered my Secret Life collection through Ziesing Books.