Meme: Global Blogosphere Amnesty Week (for Apologies)

Jeff VanderMeer • June 24th, 2008 @ 1:49 pm • Uncategorized

Matt Staggs has an excellent post here about the need for sincerity and transparency in this era of the internet and social media. One of his major points is: “Make any necessary apologies. Yes, mom was right. A sincere apology is the best tool that you have in your crisis communication toolbox.”

I think we’ve really come to see apologies as a sign of weakness, when they’re actually a sign of strength. So, here’s an idea. Although Matt’s talking about the immediate response to a specific screw-up or mistake, let’s make this more general. I don’t really have the authority to do this–who does?–but I’m hereby declaring this week, through Sunday, Global Blogosphere Amnesty Week (for Apologies). Which is to say, if you have something to apologize for, whether serious or funny, I hope that under the cover of this meme you can do it without much recrimination. (Er, assuming you aren’t apologizing for putting babies on spikes.)

Have I got regrets I’d like to apologize for you? You bet, so I’ll start with just three:

(1) I apologize for ever having responded to any negative reviews except in the context of correcting errors of fact. And hope to restrain myself in future.
(2) I apologize to Strange Horizons reviews editor Niall Harrison for being waaay too bitchy and critical of SH reviews in comment threads.
(3) I apologize to Ann for any time I’ve unnecessarily stretched the limits of her godlike patience.

There. That wasn’t too hard. Now you try, on your own blawg. (It’s only a week long because we will otherwise all throw up a little in our mouths from all the goodwill.)

32 Responses to “Meme: Global Blogosphere Amnesty Week (for Apologies)”

  1. Larry says:

    Hrmm…sounds like this can be a dry run for my Confessional…I’ll post something in a little bit.

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    There ya go.

    I’m just getting a little sick of snark on the internets. Thought this might help, even (or because) some people will play it for the funny.


  3. Larry says:

    While I’m not for sure what type of snark (beyond the usual) is going on, I do know of a few things that have bothered me. I guess I’ll post this on my blog for those who might not read your entry.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Are you still upset about those guys who firebombed your house and left you for dead?

  5. Larry says:

    Nah, more about Felix Gilman and his threatening of cats. Anyways, I posted mine. Some were quite serious. Although I suspect Mamatas might kill me if he were to read one of my confessions…

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    [...] by Matt Staggs on June 25, 2008 Jeff VanderMeer declared this week to be Global Blogosphere Amnesty Week, a new meme where we get to apologize to other folks for things that we’ve done (or not [...]

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    [...] domain name, I also lost the apology I issued awhile back.  Since Jeff Vandermeer has issued an apology meme for the week, I thought I’d reiterate it for the new [...]

  9. Adolph says:

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  10. Matthew says:

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  12. Chat Sitesi says:

    Nah, more about Felix Gilman and his threatening of cats. Anyways, I posted mine. Some were quite serious. Although I suspect Mamatas might kill me if he were to read one of my confessions…

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