Escaping The Prisoner’s Island

Very funny post about how various writers would escape the island featured in the British TV show The Prisoner.

Jeff VanderMeer would disappear underground in the caves around the village, and he would be the only one to escape the carnage from the old ones beneath.

Actually, since I need some uninterrupted writing time, I probably wouldn’t try to escape for a couple of years–and then I’d only need to make sure my manuscript escaped.


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    Hmm, you could just email it from the island using a BlackBerry?

    Must be more authors to do… Terry Goodkind would walk off the island on a rainbow that shines out of his own arse (backwards, obviously, leaving no bridge for others to follow). Matt Stover is smart enough to figure his way out, but would just fight his way to success with one in punch after on inch punch for the sake of pure badass liberty, and Scott Lynch would steal the island and move it to the Caribbean, yoinking Las Vegas’ wealth on the way and living the rest of his days as a wealthy rogue.

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    I feel cyber-stalked.

    Feels kind of tingly and warm.

    For the record, I wouldn’t escape the island. I would crack like an egg. Then, I’d scribble long diatribes and poems about my lost innocence.

    I agree about Scott Lunch, but I suspect he’d quickly blow all the money gambling once football season started. Then, he’d have to start all over again…