Star Ship Sofa Podcasts “Secret Life”

Jeff VanderMeer • June 11th, 2008 @ 8:51 am • Audio

The title story of my Golden Gryphon collection Secret Life has now been rendered aural by Star Ship Sofa as part of their latest program. This is one of my most popular stories, and I’m off to listen to it now, as should you!

4 Responses to “Star Ship Sofa Podcasts “Secret Life””

  1. Matthew Sanborn Smith says:

    Jeff, as I said on the Sofa forums, I loved this story. It’s everything that I would want to do as a writer, the structure, the content, the style, all wonderful. Thanks.

  2. Grant Stone says:

    Since I was narrating it, I had to read, and listen to it many more times that I would another story.
    And now it haunts me. There’s a plant on top of a filing cabinet next to my desk at work and it’s never seemed the same since.

    I loved the story too. The tone of it was wonderful and it was a joy to narrate.

  3. Nia Kimes says:

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