Books Received: June 30

Talk about weird juxtapositions…

Also, just FYI–after this week the books received feature will become a once-a-week Friday event, recapping everything received during the week. Just for the summer while I’m working on the novel.

Finally, make Matt Staggs’ day and go visit his site, where he’s talking about storytelling the age of the internet. He’s close to a new record for visitors.

Amazon Feature on David J. Williams’ Mirrored Heavens

Check out my latest interview, this time with first-time novelist David J. Williams.

Amazon Pop Culture Report #4: Greg Broadmore, Lovecraft, Moomin, and More

I’ve just posted my latest Pop Culture Report both here and on Amazon’s book blog, Omnivoracious. For those who haven’t seen the others, it’s a DIY come-into-my-house-and-look-at-some-recent-cool books kinda thing. Check out the version on Amazon, where I’ve posted links to all of the books mentioned in the report.

Feel free to embed the video on your own blog or site with your own comments about the books I’ve reviewed. And let me know here what you think, too. The more attention these video features get, the more able I am to continue doing them. (Small apology this time around: a lightning strike or two during the filming caused a couple of hiccups.)

Here’s the direct link to it on YouTube.

Michael Walters’ The Shadow Walker: PW Interview

My Publishers Weekly interview with Michael Walters about his first novel, The Shadow Walker, set in Mongolia. It’s probably not much of a stretch for people to figure out who wrote the starred review of the novel in PW:

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Daniel Grandbois on Amazon: Lucky? Unlucky?

I interviewed Daniel Grandbois about his first story collection on Amazon. Below find Q&A I couldn’t include and a short-short from Unlucky Lucky Days Daniel was kind enough to let me use here…


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Euro 2008 Final–The Preamble Is, Er, Not Going to Win Over Skeptical Americans

Okay, they had twirling balloon Christmas-tree creatures that reenacted the results of the entire tournament along with waltzing Mozarts in white-face and a pretty lame pop band. At times, the scene from above looked like some odd version of twister being played by limbless if colorful one-celled cone organisms.

Anyone else find this a bit odd?

And, er, now the match has begun…why is it Giants versus Tinies?


Big Ass Fantasy List


And here.

Here, too.

Er, with comments.

Just to preserve it on the new blog. I think most of you have seen these already?

Tallahassee Democrat Covers Steampunk

Nice little piece in our local paper, including the photo Bogdan Hrib took of us in Romania (on the day, he adds cryptically, of “the professional cockroaches”). The online version also includes Ann’s reading from Molly Brown’s “The Selene Gardening Society”. Note Ann’s Jewish interpretation of “nudge” as “noodge”…

(This post deliberately bumps the Arthur magazine fund-drive post to page 2 because it’s been messing up my internets for some reason. But please check it out–a great mag, important cause.)

John Coulthart on Lovecraft Art

Okay, I promise to stop talking about this Lovecraft artbook, but one more link: to John Coulthart’s post about it. John’s a prominent contributor to the book.

Million Writers Award Voting Update

A report from the Jason Sanford that “The Surgeon’s Tale” is very competitively in the mix for the Million Writer Award. It’s a bit like seeing snippets from a horse race and blacking out inbetween… (Slaps self silly for posting.)