Foreign Tidbits

So the title of the Romanian Predator: South China Sea is PREDATOR : TEROARE ÃŽN JUNGLÄ‚”. Which makes as much sense. It’s set on an island in the South China Sea, much jungle-filled. And there is a LOT of teroare. Tons of teroare. So much teroare per square inch that the integrity of surrounding structures is compromised.

Meanwhile, City of Saints was just published in Poland and I’m told there’s a review forthcoming in the Polish edition of Playboy, for which they just requested a headshot from me. Okay, I’m going to have to get a copy, and it really will be to read the articles. Or, er, look at the articles.

Ian Miller Art Feature on io9

As per the updates to the original post about the mysterious creator of the “script trailer” I posted, our feature on Ian Miller is now live on io9.

Babelty Babbley Blab

I’m not a huge fan of Chris Mathews–I think he’s a bit of a pompous ass much of the time, but here we see him nailing an idiot to the wall.

Amazon’s New Graphic Novel Friday Feature

I just posted my regular Friday feature on graphic novels on the Amazon book blog. This time, the spotlight is on stuff for kids, including the latest Dungeon and the TOON Little Lit books pictured above.

Anyone who would like their graphic novels and comics considered for this feature should mail them to: POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315. If you run a comics website and want a reminder when this feature posts, for your news or links page, just let me know. vanderworld at

Stickleback Re-Evolution

A great, fascinating io9 post about the changes in the stickleback fish as a result of cleaning up a lake near Seattle. That’s a startlingly short time for a change, but it makes me hope (maybe this hope is baseless, since I’m no scientist) that some species will be able to make adjustments to global warming.

Amazon–Iron Man and More

My short review/feature on a history of the Iron Man comic. That, along with the previous Steampunk article, apparently helped the Amazon book blog have the most traffic today of any day this year. Good to know people are reading this stuff!

Movie Review: Anamorph

Starring Willem Defoe as one weird obsessive-compulsive detective, Anamorph almost gets it right. A serial killer who deals in setting up scenes of forced perspective may or may not be the same killer Defoe’s character thought he’d helped kill a few years back. Each new staged murder is more horrific and artful than the last. Defoe is quite good as the detective. The cinematography is outstanding. The tension keeps building. And then, and then…

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The Jewels of Aptor: Io9 Art Column Goes Live Today

UPDATE: Our column on the amazing artwork of Ian Miller is now up on io9. Enjoy!

Our io9 feature on artist X? goes live soon, and will include an excerpt of this trippy, really imaginative “script trailer” based on a novel X? has been working on.

Who is X? ? Check back later and I’ll have updated this post with the reveal. In the meantime, feel free to speculate. Note: Those who google the text below to cheatingly figure it out will be pilloried, tarred, jarred, and feathered.

Bonus points to those who know where the title of our column “Jewels of Aptor” comes from.

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The Thousand and One Posts of Ecstatic Days

Somehow I’ve survived to post number 1,001 on the new blog. Thanks to everyone for reading. I really appreciate it. Sometimes your comments have kept me sane.

Thanks also to Luis Rodrigues for creating this site and for enhancing it from time to time. Thanks to all the guest bloggers. Especially, thanks to Ann.

Here’s a look back at just a few “highlights,” mostly funny…


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