Weird Tales Submissions Incompatible With Crappy MSN/Hotmail

My wife Ann, fiction editor for Weird Tales, wanted me to post to say that MSN/Hotmail has decided it would be fun to block emails coming from gmail accounts. Since the Weird Tales account is gmail, there may be a problem in getting a response if you are emailing submissions from a hotmail account. It sounds like something going on for awhile, something to do with Microsoft, as usual, being bastardly. Obviously, Weird Tales will have to consider a long-term solution to this, but it’s retarded that MSN is doing this.


  1. Ann V. says

    I’ve not had this problem in the past, but after much research I have discovered that this has been an reported ongoing issue for many gmail users since February (and a known issue with Microsoft since 2004). I guess Microsoft doesn’t want any hotmail or msn users to receive emails from those of us with a gmail account.

    So… if you haven’t heard from me and you have a hotmail or msn account, be patient. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can work around this issue……

  2. says

    It looks like it’s not happening 100% of the time – some mail is accepted by Hotmail from Gmail, but there are certainly a lot of people complaining. I found a comment in the newsgroups suggesting that if you add a Gmail address to the allow list in your Hotmail account they’ll get through, but I don’t have a Hotmail account to confirm this (I’m Gmail all the way). That’s still less than ideal, since the person sending the submission would have to configure their mail account.

    Instructions on how to set accept or reject domains in Hotmail here:!5D6F5A79A79B6708!342.entry

    Other than that, some sort of clever solution that uses a different SMTP server if the destination is Hotmail might work, but of course the nice thing about Gmail is you normally never have to worry about the technical details.

    Maybe add to the submission guidelines – “Cthulu prefers submissions from servers that are not Hotmail”.

  3. says

    This is even bigger than Weird Tales. I had a quick check of Ralan and Clarkesworld, Heliotrope and Spacesuits & Sixguns all accept submissions via Gmail. I’m sure there’s a lot more, and if we assume that Gmail is being used to send rejections/acceptances, they’ll have the same problem with people submitting from Hotmail accounts.

  4. says

    Lovely. What an irritant, not to mention a time-waster in terms of having to find a work-around. Editors are busy enough as it is even when emails go where they’re supposed to.

    Gmail is now being blocked by comcast and a few others, too. This is very weird.

  5. says

    Every time Telecom call me up to see how my Internet service is going they always seem incredulous that I’ve never accessed my Xtra mail account. ISPs would love it if you used their email systems. Locks you in.

  6. says

    Well, I just accidentally reset my hotmail password and had the new one sent to that address, which I can’t open since I don’t know the password, so hotmail is officially dead to me anyway. I’d long ago abandoned it to evil crawling armies of spam anyway, and now this, so no big loss.