Events Update

Just a note that if you check the sidebar you’ll see that I’ve added some events for 2008, including a steampunk convention in California and our Romanian book tour. I’ve also locked in, for now, a 2009 commitment from the Louisiana Book Festival.


  1. says

    Jeff, do you realize that if you can shake loose an extra day around the steampunk convention that you could go to the place where Arrogant Bastard is made? They’ve got an awesome restaurant. It’s sort of 3/4ths of the way between LA and San Diego.

    I should reiterate, Stone’s restaurant is very, very good. I’m betting a few of your Clarion students could be persuaded to go with you, too. ;)

  2. Nathaniel Smith says

    Stone Brewing truly is an amazing spot gastronomically, libationally (>30 beers on tap), and architecturally:

    But, umm… I guess I should point out that Sunnyvale is not really a quick drive from Escondido. Just as a warning.

  3. says

    We’ve actually been in communication with the guys at Stone Brewing quite a bit, because of the books-and-beer feature I did, so it would be nice.

  4. says

    Oh duh. I’m an ijit. Somehow it got lodged in my brain that the Steampunk convention was in LA.

    Still, if you can swing the time, Sharon and I can put you and Anne up for a night and get you to Stone and back, for a fuller appreciation of their hops. 8)

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