Memorial Day Weekend, Sixth Anniversary, Related Reading

This weekend is the sixth anniversary of the lovely Ann being chained to my bad self in holy matrimony. We will be going to an undisclosed location on the coast well away from intertubes, blawgospears, and the like, there to laze away our time with beaches, balconies, tidal pools, good beer, great food, and lots and lots of reading. I’m taking the books shown above (Charles Baxter’s Burning Down the House, the first two books of Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet, and the special birds volumeof Conjunctions), while Ann’s taking Jack O’Connell’s Box Nine, Jon Fasman’s The Geographer’s Library, and Mary Doria Russell’s Dreamers of the Day.

There will be no further blogging until Tuesday-Wednesday, so in the meantime, tell me: What’re you doing with your weekend, whether you’re in the US or elsewhere? And feel free to pimp your latest projects here, too…


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    I’ll be interested to see Ann’s take on the O’Connell. I just finished his Resurrectionist, and am confused as to my feelings. I did enjoy his Word Made Flesh, but something seemed missing here.

    Anyway, weekend plans? Packing and cleaning. Gotta get the aprtment sparkling before the move.

    Also, seeing Iron Man (insert childish laugh of glee here).

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    Hey, happy anniversary, you guys!
    And let me say – good choice of books you made. Last month a Brazilian publisher issued a new translation of The Alexandria Quartet – unfortunately, a very bad one (I had read it the first time in English and will continue to do so).

    As for my holiday – because here in Brazil we have Corpus Christi weekend, starting today. I´m working a lot here today doing a new translation of Asimov´s Foundation and Empire (yes, unfortunately we´re still doing more re-translations than publishing original novels), but tomorrow afternoon my parentes are coming from Rio de Janeiro to visit me and my wife. (We´re going to celebrate my birthday, which was on the 16th, a little belatedly – who knows, maybe we´re even going to the são Paulo Gay Parade in Sunday. ;-)

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    I hope you guys enjoy your time together. Eat some good food, drink some good wine and laugh a ton.

    My wife and I are coming up on our sixth anniversary in September. We’ll head out to Cedar Key, I suppose.

    We’ll be on our kayaks here in Northeast Florida on Monday, chasing Redfish and Speckled Trout. Other than that, I want to get in a few long jogs and finish up the Gaiman novel I’m working on.

    My short story “Dust Country” (a tale about parasites) will be published in Residential Aliens in July.

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    I’ve got a few things to do around the house, but happily one of those things is to smoke a Montecristo Serie C cigar and enjoy a nice Tetley’s English Ale. I might get some reading done too.

  5. Andrew says

    I look forward to seeing my bro who’s coming in from New York City. I hope to spend a lot of time writing, and perhaps checking out “The Canterbury Tales” and reading them all (something I’ve never done before, because the rhyming drives me nuts.) It will probably be a good weekend for me.

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    Happy anniversary to you both!

    No great plans for the weekend, though I might check out the new Indiana Jones film which is on just a minutes walk away from home.

    On Saturday I’ll be biting my nails in anxiety over horse racing as I’m participating in an online tipping competition and have made it to the final field of 8 tipsters to contest for Group 1 Glory. It’s damned hard to pick winners, but I hope my wild tips will produce enough winners for me to win, though there are some very good tipsters in the final field. There is absolutely no monetary gain in this competition – just fame and glory.

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    Happy Anniversary. Was planning on Marcon, but with the economy will be spending this weekend catching up on sleep and chores which includes going up on the roof to clean off the oak flowers. Plus grilling, which is nearly a religion in my family, on Monday. Picking up the steaks, dogs, an bison burgers on the way home (already ordered from the butchers). And hopefully writing and critiquing.

  8. Kris says

    Happy anniversary!
    I’ll be reading, grilling and putting the final touches on a fundraiser I’ve been organizing for a sick freind with no insurance. Fundraiser is on Monday so it’s time to hustle.

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    Happy Anniversary!

    The Years of Bliss, they melt away.

    Like Daniel, Cedar Key is in the fam’s future — not this weekend, though. This weekend I’ll be finishing my application for the Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Program (a long shot in the darky-dark).

    And, since the pimpage was invited, please check out my short, Lost Coast. Lost Seohl, over at (Anyone? Anyone?)

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    Well, I hope you too did less reading and more canoodling than you expected by the time you read this.

    My plans?

    Just got done with Jim Butchers Academ’s Fury, but the next has to wait until I get paid for June to read the next. So I’ll be re-reading Thomas Harlan’s Oath of Empire.

    Why? Because I was in a real screwed up state when I first read it, and this time around I’m going to be giving it the attention it deserves. It’s a sprawling work. Sometimes a confusing work. A hero becomes the villain, a passing historical figure becomes the hero, and the original protagonist gets switched to supporting cast and eventually killed off. It’s sort of like a river taking an alternate route to the sea.

    Next I do a critique of Oath of Empire, showing where it works, where it doesn’t, and the parallels between Mohammed’s experiences and that of the Buddha. (As I said, it can be confusing.)

    And that’s my weekend.

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    Congratulations! It is nice to unplug and get away for awhile. July will bring my 10th anniversary…wow, were does time go?

    Did you enjoy your trip? Did you stay in Florida or did you go further north? I love the coastline of the Carolinas.

    Cue permissible and shameless hoopla: visit my blog – – there is a poem for Jake Lake there (a dedication due to his cancer) and part 1 of a 3 part dedication to the memory of Dan Fogelberg. Leave me comments; they make my day.