Jeanette Winterson at the Sydney Book Festival

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“It’s like a wake-up call, that’s all. You’re not telling people anything they don’t know – you’re telling them something that gets buried under the accumulating emergencies of modern life,” she said.

“The creative life is a central part of life and not a luxury and not an extra and not a peripheral part of life. It’s about our imaginative response ourselves, and to the world.”


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    She seems to want her cake and eat it – saying how important literary festivals are then comments that it also lets some of the public to ‘pick over’ authors. So she wants us all to be very cultured (at least according to her idea of culture, which over the years has increasingly sounded like the very old High Culture elitism to me) but then thinks readers at festivals are vultures… Make up your mind, Jeanette!!! Or are we poor mortals simply supposed to stand in silent, reverent awe (and of course never criticise)?