Good Press for New Weird and Steampunk

The New Weirdand Steampunk got some good press over the weekend.

The New Weird received an excellent review from David McWilliam on the Interzone site, reading in part, “Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s impressive anthology is the perfect starting point for an exploration of the innovative New Weird movement in genre fiction.” The June F&SF, which should be in bookstores soon, also features a very positive review of the antho from James Sallis, which, in part, talks about my introduction, calling it “a remarkably concise, thoughtful, and balanced essay on the ‘moment or movement.'” (You can find the intro in the current issue of The New York Review of SF, btw.)

Steampunk, meanwhile, popped up on Media Bistro and OF Blog of the Fallen, with another review from Kirkus that appears to be positive but which I can’t access. It’s early days for Steampunk reviews, though. Also, the first edition is sold out except for copies still in bookstores and available through Amazon and other online booksellers. The New Weird will go back for reprint soon, as well.