Books Received–May 19 (Aqueduct Press)

Aqueduct Press, founded by the mega-talented L. Timmel Duchamp, started out as a somewhat no-frills indie focusing on publishing women writers and feminist-oriented literature. Now, no doubt in preparation for Wiscon, they’ve got a new catalog out, a nice-looking newsletter, and the latest in Duchamp’s political science fiction series.

The point of starting an indie press should almost always be not to replicate what already exists from New York publishers, but to specialize in a type of fiction or nonfiction that gets short-shrift from commercial publishers. Aqueduct has done an amazing job over the last few years of publishing great fiction and nonfiction within their niche. They deserve your support.


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    I plan on reading/reviewing Nisi Shawl’s [i]Filter House[/i] collection by Aqueduct sometime in June/July and I was quite pleased when I learned about the collection, since I’ve enjoyed a few of Shawl’s stories.