The Jeffrog-Squidmaster YouTube Mash-up (and Friday Night Videos)

Here’s the latest Friday Night Video face-off at Amazon: James Frey versus Chelsea Handler.

More (less?!) importantly, below the cut find my first attempt at a YouTube mash-up/mesh-up thing. I don’t know if anyone’s done this before, but my idea was to find three videos you could run at the same time and have them make a rough thematic and aural sense. So, to run this experiment, you start the first one, wait two or three seconds, then immediately start the second and third. And let ’em run. Some may wish to mute the sound on the last one for the first minute. Your choice.

It ain’t perfect, this first experiment, and in fact may be remarkably lame, but I begin to see how you could take three or four or five YouTube videos and create a somewhat new experience. (In this case, the bottom scene ends first, followed by the middle, until you’re left with the first as a kind of requiem.) Or, maybe I’m just craaaazzzy. Why don’t ya tell me?


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    OK, dare I ask how you found those three clips and decided to do the Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd experiment? It was interesting hearing the girl singing about “drowning yourself” and seeing that body floating in the water in the third clip, but I’m curious about how you found those three clips.

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    I decided to do the experiment first. I was going through Youtube looking for vids for the Friday night feature and I thought it would be cool to try matching up overlays of three videos.

    It seemed clear you’d need one instrumental, one voice-only, and then something that matched thematically. So I picked the Philip Glass, the singer, and then was thinking of something sad-ish but also visually striking to match them, which made me think of Papillion. It’s by no means a perfect match, and somewhat a-tonal over all. But I’ll bet you could, with enough YouTube searching and though, come up with something really striking using this technique.


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    Well, there is a fine line between genius and madness, and I think this shows you straddle that line nicely. Do it again!