Weird Tales and Tessa Good, WT and Homeland Security Bad

Jeff VanderMeer • May 8th, 2008 @ 6:35 pm • Uncategorized

Tessa at Silence Without blogs about being an editorial assistant for Ann for Weird Tales and, as always, is witty as hell: If sniffing the milk kills me, then Ann does not use it. Go and congratulate her.

Meanwhile, Ann just got a submission from Mexico that had been searched by Homeland Security. What? Did they think someone was trying to cross the border in a #10 envelope?! That thar is Homeland’s Security’s green seal:

2 Responses to “Weird Tales and Tessa Good, WT and Homeland Security Bad”

  1. Sir Tessa says:

    I’m quite gleeful of those issues. Their arrival made it real. Thanks again, Ann.

  2. Radish says:

    Gah. Am I the only one that believes the term “homeland security” is a complete misnomer?

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