Friday Night Videos on Amazon: Plummer as Nabokov versus Sexy Headless Man

Tonight’s Amazon book blog video face off, for the curious and insane. I suppose I should feel vaguely guilty I posted it right after James Frey did his first guest post

For those who like neither video, I have surrounded this post with weird cat stuff above and below…


  1. says

    If I may be honest and risk a huge historical lecture, I never even heard of Nabokov until I came to this site.

    On a side note, apparently the Orange County Public Library system only has three of your books. I put two on hold.

  2. says

    I still need to read The Pale Fire and Pnin someday. But that clip was rather stereotypical in feel and it doesn’t jibe with those wonderful lecture notes that I’ve read at the beginning of some of the Dickens novels that Bantam released years ago.

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Just teasing you, Jami.

    Re Larry, though–wow. No Pale Fire? No Pnin?!?!?!!?


  4. says

    I know, I know…no Proust either. Seems there are certain “blind spots” that always surprise people when I tell them I’ve yet to read those authors/books. As much as I like his work now, I didn’t read Graham Greene until last year. But I’ll get around to reading Pale Fire and Pnin before the summer, if at all possible.