Events Update

Just a note that if you check the sidebar you’ll see that I’ve added some events for 2008, including a steampunk convention in California and our Romanian book tour. I’ve also locked in, for now, a 2009 commitment from the Louisiana Book Festival.

Romanian Book Tour

The Predator novel and New Weird anthologies will be out in Romania in August, and Ann and I will be doing a book tour in support. In addition to signings and parties we will be attending the Cultural Days of Satu Mare festival. More information when I have it.

Weird Tales Submissions Incompatible With Crappy MSN/Hotmail

My wife Ann, fiction editor for Weird Tales, wanted me to post to say that MSN/Hotmail has decided it would be fun to block emails coming from gmail accounts. Since the Weird Tales account is gmail, there may be a problem in getting a response if you are emailing submissions from a hotmail account. It sounds like something going on for awhile, something to do with Microsoft, as usual, being bastardly. Obviously, Weird Tales will have to consider a long-term solution to this, but it’s retarded that MSN is doing this.

Steampunk Convention (California)

Ann and I will be participating in this very cool convention with Jake Von Slatt among others. I’ll update this post with details when I have them.

Fascinating? Disturbing?

Gee, thanks, John Klima, for making this the first image to confront me, via IM, when I woke up this morning…

Want to Take a Vacation in Ambergris?

Damien G. Walter at The Guardian online suggests, among others, Ambergris as a possible summer vacation spot…in terms of books to read.

I’m chuffed at the suggestion, of course, but my first thought was that even I definitely wouldn’t want to physically visit the place for a vacation. (Well, really, it would depend on the time of year, the proximity to the Festival of the Freshwater Squid, etc., etc.)

So, go check out and comment on the Guardian feature, but here, let’s talk fantasy vacations. What places would you want to visit? Not as a reader, but if you could physically go to locations in books you’ve read?

Underland Press “Brings It” With New Web Site

(Underland Press web frame)

Underland Press has launched its web site just in time for BEA. In addition to publishing my Finch, UP will be featuring work by Brian Evenson and an internationally acclaimed Dutch thriller writer. It’s a great site and a great start to what I hope will be a long relationship.

In High School? Want to Build a World? Consider Shared Worlds at Wofford

I’ll be teaching at Wofford College as part of the Shared Worlds creative writing program, July 20 through August 2. I’m also serving as Assistant Director for this interesting program.

Rising eighth graders through twelfth grade should consider signing up. They still have some spots available. As far as we know, this might be the only such workshop in the country. Check out the website’s FAQ and other info if you have questions. Should be exciting!