Third Bear and Surgeon’s Tale Make StorySouth’s Best of 2007

StorySouth’s list of the best online fiction of 2007 includes both “The Third Bear” and my collaboration with Cat Rambo, “The Surgeon’s Tale”. Judges will now pick a top ten and readers will then pick a winner. Some really cool stories on that list, including “Bufo Rex” from Weird Tales.


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    Holy shit.

    I did not notice my name on that list until now. Well, damn. I’m sure I can’t compete with the Third Bear….but I damn well will try!

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    Congratulations, Jeff!

    Somehow, I’d missed “The Third Bear.” Through the wonders of online fiction, I’m off to correct that right now. In the past two weeks I have been introduced to Cat Rambo’s work and have read “Bufo Rex” (night before last, in fact) for the first time. I’m glad I did. Good week for short fiction for me!

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    Oh, and it’s also set near Tabat, like the piece of hers I just read in Weird Tales. A colorful, mystifying world she’s building there.