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    I thought of it as a rather amusing comment on the inherent absurdity of “creation science,” myself, but I believe the image also functions well as just a bizarre Dada-like objet d’art.

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    I thought that was from that Creation Museum in Kentucky or something. Amusing, nonetheless. I’m waiting for the image of Jesus holding a 40 next.

  3. Laird says

    That is one of the most incisive, yet heartwarming, commentaries I’ve encountered regarding evolution v. creationism. I love it.

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    You know, I was a firm evolutionist for as long as I have been able to pronounce the word “science”.

    Then, I saw that picture, and it occurred to me that science is powerless against Jesus and his dinosaurs. No amount of science could possibly explain the awesomeness of both Jesus and dinosaurs.

    I have seen the light! I renounce my heathen ways of science!

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    In light of the current B.S. going down at our fair capital regarding the Teaching of non-Evolution Theories (AKA how to get religion into the classroom no matter what), I think this is just what the Dr. ordered.

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    I’m waiting for Felix Gilman to appear with a YouTube link to that video of a banana being the atheist’s worst nightmare.

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    Actually, in retrospect, that couldn’t possibly be Jesus.

    I recognize him:

    And the dinosaur? Nope.

    I don’t know what the heck Chris Robinson is doing in his bathrobe with a baby komodo dragon, but whatever it is, it is far more rational than intelligent design, no matter how much vaseline he’s using to blur that camera lens.

  8. Transfiguring Roar says

    Holding a dinosaur as opposed to holding a lamb. Jesus is the shepherd of people, leading them to God/truth. What then is this Jesus that holds a carnivore?

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    Jesus loves the little di-nos, all the little dinos of the world.

    Oh man, symbolism in religion is dead. There’s a reason why it’s supposed to be a lamb.

    I can hear the revised homilies now, “And so, like the dinosaurs gave themselves to us to test our beliefs, so did our God give himself up for our sins.” Or, something like that.

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    By religion I meant “Christianity.” Sorry about that.

    Sarah Endacott, all Jesuses (and I think that’s actually “Jesusi” – if there’s a term like flock, school, or gaggle for multiple Jesuses I don’t know it) wear hoodies because they’re obviously all gangsta (you can’t see the tatts on his back and neck because of the shirts and long hair).

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    Steve, the “God put dinosaur bones into the earth to test our faith” meme still gets some play way down south. One of the librarians at my city’s library has an “Evolution is Science Fiction!” bumper sticker on her car.

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    Matt, my wife teaches College Biology, yeah, I know that line of reasoning. And it’s not for just down South.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for sharing. The humor and conversation this has generated has been excellent. It all started with the question “But then why’d He let them all go extinct, Daddy!?”

  13. Scott says